Many people are considering trucking and wondering what it means to be a professional truck driver. Meaning that when they get their CDL license and are out on the open road, they want to know what is expected from them. Being a long way from home and their own boss, many truckers consider these things.

To be a professional truck driver means that you take your profession seriously. Trucking is a trade, a skill that you get better at as you go. You don’t need a college education because all the basic skills you have already learned through life.

There are many things involved with trucking that may cause a little intimation; that’s normal. It means you respect the truck, and you’re not sure what to expect.

A lot of truckers, including myself, felt the same way when we first got behind the wheel of a big truck. So have confidence in yourself. Experience will help you make good judgment calls.

I know you probably heard a lot of horror stories. So just relax because before you know it everything will become second nature to you as it did to me.

To be a professional truck driver means you are not only looking out for your own life, but you are paying attention to the lives of people around you. Trucking is fun and you can make a lot of money, but trucking is also no joke.

Be safe and courteous. Many truckers get irritated when cars are slow in their way. This will happen to you on a daily basis. Give them space and expect they may do the unexpected, like slam on their brakes because they almost lost their exit.

To be a professional truck drive watch your speed. Your CDL is very important to you. Construction is a big thing as well as slowing down when going through small towns.

Another thing to remember is to plan your trips. This really helps on a lot of things. For one you will get more sleep, second you will stay out of trouble by NOT going the wrong direction. Don’t laugh now … There are places that have the same name town but in another state. So as the truckers call it. “Keep the shiny side up and the geese side down.”

Keep on Trucking as a professional truck driver.

Source by David VonAnderseck

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