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ELD Providers Prep for Upcoming HoS Changes – Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

  With revised federal hours of service scheduled to take effect Sept. 29, ELD providers have also been planning how best to assist fleets with the changes. The revisions make four key changes to the existing HOS rules, dealing with the 30-minute break rule, the split sleeper berth options, the adverse driving conditions exception and the short-haul exception. The change that has probably resulted in the most interest is the change in rules requiring a [...]

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Truck Fuel Saving Techniques – Truck Running on Water to Reduce Gasoline Consumption

What is the most effective truck fuel saving techniques? With the current credit crisis sweeping the country, many truck owners are finding it challenging to refuel their vehicle and keeping to a monthly expense budget. The situation is made worst with rising food costs and inflation. Due to this event, the interest on truck fuel saving techniques has increased dramatically. What is the best fuel saving ideas? This article will provide some useful [...]

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Ranger CB or Maxon CBs: Alternatives for CB Users

There are so many options in the market of the CB radio! The largest manufacturer and the most popular such as the Cobra and Uniden CB radios are well known. But now, we must look at some alternative brands of CB radios to find out about the offers and advantages they give. First, there are Ranger CB radios. Ranger Communications started in 1972 and their specialty is building amateur radios, commercial 2 ways [...]

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Faxing Options for Truckers

A driver who needs to send or receive a fax on the road will find that one page can cost more than a cup of coffee ... Prices to send and receive faxes are sky high at truck stops. Let's face it; they have a fairly captive audience. Big rigs can't just park in the lot for the local copy store and send a fax. And very few truckers have fax capability in [...]

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Trucking and Tools of the Trade

While your company will supply you with a truck (and maybe a logbook), most of the "tools of the trade" are your responsibility. You do not need to run out and get everything on this list to be a truck driver. However, you should have the basics and then think about some of the extras. Basic Needs *CB radio - You can get by for a while without one, but the CB radio [...]

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What is the Best CB Radio Antenna That I Should Buy?

I have been driving a tractor trailer for about 10+ years. I am a member to many CB Radio Forums, also a lot of Truck Driver Forums. I see and get this question all the time, so I thought I would try and answer it here. You made it through truck driving school, now you need a CB Radio? OK, first off we need to do some research on CB Radios. DO you [...]

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Kenworth Trucks – A Humble Beginning to an Innovative Giant

Kenworth Trucks - a Humble Beginning Kenworth Trucks originally started when a man named Edgar Worthington who was merely the manager of a building that his mother owned, took an interest in one of the struggling tenants. Making the Transition from Tenant to Owner That tenant was the Gerlinger Motor Car Company, and the company wasn't doing very well. But then, it put out its first truck in 1915, which was the Gersix, [...]

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Trucking Convoys of the Future and Artificial Intelligence

In the future vehicles including trucks, actually especially trucks will line up by size and run down the highway at higher rates of speed only feet from the bumpers of those in front of them. This will save lots of fuel due to the aerodynamic synergy gained and allow for more vehicles to travel with far less traffic congestion. Sounds like a plan! But this is just a start because cashing in on [...]

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Road Capturing Strategies for Virtual Reality Truck Simulator Training

In the United States of America there is a severe shortage of truck drivers and it is only getting worse. In fact many trucking companies are placing ads on daytime TV to get housewives to come and sign-up as employees for truck drivers. Also many truck companies are trying to recruit people fresh out of prison, teach them had a drive a truck and put them on the road within two to three [...]

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Operate Your Trucking Business Through Multipurpose Trucking Software

In today's competitive trucking business environment, smart and efficient working is a necessity. This is the reason enterprises are constantly reinventing and transforming themselves to grow and survive. It is almost necessary to exert continuous endeavors that are directed at complete transformation, encircling all possible areas of the enterprise operation. It could be acquiring new business clients, retaining old clients, enabling and in-house training of the employees & managers, re-scheduling internal operations by [...]

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