In the future vehicles including trucks, actually especially trucks will line up by size and run down the highway at higher rates of speed only feet from the bumpers of those in front of them. This will save lots of fuel due to the aerodynamic synergy gained and allow for more vehicles to travel with far less traffic congestion. Sounds like a plan!

But this is just a start because cashing in on the efficiencies in Coefficients of Drag in Convoys has lots of applications and may even change the current shape of our cars too. Indeed as these vehicles drive this close together there will be no room for driver error and thus the vehicles will talk to each other in a net-centric way.

The United States Military will have such convoys by 2012 and we will see the first Military Convoys within a few years and we are already seeing the first Self-Driving Trucks thanks to the DARPA Challenge Contests. Other strategies might include Truck Trains and Multiple Trailers being power by one vehicle or one driver controlling an entire line of trucks which will mimic his control input sequences.

What about using the air to move cargo such as Blimps or Dirigible Cargo Movers? What about the Flying Trucks of the Future? We were promised flying cars, what about flying trucks too? Don’t laugh, because the same people who are considering this are also currently designing Net-Centric Systems to Guide Trucks.

Even NASA is thinking here as they consider ways to mine the moon, yes you guessed it: Lunar and Mars Mining Trucks All this technology is on its way and it will not be long now. Of course one question remains with all this high-tech trucking hardware? Who will work on it, as currently there is a shortage of truck mechanics that is getting worse?

Well in the future there will be Robotic Diagnostics Systems and Artificial Intelligent AI Manuals to assist new technicians with all this complex and complicated computerized systems. The future cometh, so be ready.

Source by Lance Winslow

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