Trucking companies are at a cross roads, fuel costs are $ 3.00 per gallon for diesel in many places. This puts a huge stress on the transportation sector and that stress can be felt in increased costs on every product or service delivered by truck. As most truck drivers like to point out; if you bought it, then it came by truck. In other words everything will cost more as those costs are passed onto the all of us.

Truck trailers move a lot of air, which takes a lot of energy. That energy costs fuel and those additional costs are an over all tax on society since everything we see, everywhere we go was delivered by a truck. Much of the disruption of air occurs behind the trailer and aerodynamic models show that by eliminating this drag we can increase the efficiency. There have been many NASA Wind Tunnel type computer models showing this and several companies which have build rounded rear aerodynamic cones to taper off the boxy dimensions of those tractor trailers. I have another idea.

Perhaps by using the friction, electromagnetic energy and static air from the truck moving the air we may be able to use that to pulse energy to an acoustic transducer. The acoustic transducer will be able send energy behind the truck to align the air molecules to thicken the air allowing the rest of the air to flair our in a more streamline way. This will allow the relative wind from the truck to pass behind the truck smoothly increasing efficiency at 60 mph by 45%, which should reduce fuel consumption by at least 25%. Anyway that is my idea for today, think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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