In the portion of the trucking industry known as long distance transport, time and efficiency is everything. The longer a truck can stay on the road, the more rapidly goods can be hauled from one part of the country to another. To keep such long hauls as efficient and safe as possible, these heavy-duty hauling trucks are continually being upgraded, working toward better fuel efficiency, wind resistance, and other such changes. One of the important options that can make long distance trips faster and more efficient are sleeper cabs

    • Decrease Costs – Motels – Drivers that have sleeper trucks can benefit in a number of different ways, the most obvious of which is to greatly reduce the costs to keep traveling down that highway. Having to take the time to find and stay at hotels or motels along the way can really add up over the course of a year. Savings in this area alone can be quite substantial.


    • Decrease Costs – Meals – Some of the available options that can be included in one of these vehicles is to equip it with a microwave and mini-refrigerator so that money can be saved on eating costs. There are so many good-tasting choices of frozen meals and dinners that when supplemented with some fresh fruit and vegetables can not only save money but keep a driver healthier as well.


    • Always Somewhere To Stay – Having the option to pull over and sleep at truck rest stops whenever necessary without having to plan where to sleep even with the convenience of modern smart phones can keep trucks on the main highway rather than having to find an inexpensive sleeping place that may not be found on the well-traveled routes.


    • Personal Convenience – Another benefit is just having a comfortable, safe place to store belongings and rest while on the road without having to leave the truck unattended at all. If there are two drivers, each one can take turns between resting and driving which keeps the vehicle moving and arriving sooner at destinations. Needless to say, it is much safer to have a sleeper available to take a quick rest just off the highway when the need arises and not try to stay on the road when that is not the safest choice to make.


    • Security – How much safer is it to always be with the important load that is being hauled as well as the expensive vehicle that is handling such transportation? A driver would not have to worry about the security of the load or personal belongings while spending the night away from the truck in a motel room.


  • Safety – Although this has been mentioned above, it cannot be over-emphasized how important it can be to a regular, long haul commercial truck driver to carry on board the ability to stop wherever and whenever that necessary rest is needed. No one is perfect and it can happen to the best of drivers to become sleepy and need just a short power nap to be completely refreshed and able to complete the driving duties of the day. This is perhaps the most important benefit of all the ones listed here.

Having a sleeper cab can be a great option to consider when looking to buy a heavy-duty transportation truck. While the simplest setup of a comfortable bunk and TV or sound system is probably fine for many people, those willing to pay the extra cost for larger, better equipped cabins will surely be hauling in style.

For those long distance drivers who essentially live on the road, investing in the amenities that are offered in sleep trucks might be well worth that extra cost and make long hauling a more comfortable, efficient endeavor. Since private contractors typically pay for gas, motels, and meals out of their own pockets, a comfortable, usable sleeper space can pay for itself more quickly than what might be thought!

Source by Christopher M. Hunter

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