The life of a truck driver is not as glamorous as the ads would have you to believe. This is especially the case for truck drivers who opt for long haul trucking jobs or go on over the road trips. Although there are companies that advertise that they can offer annual salaries of up to 160k, this is very misleading for new truck drivers that want to break into the truck driving industry.

An over the road truck driver is constantly away from home. This means that you can expect to spend a majority of your time away from your family and friends. Expect to spend days, weeks and even months at a time going hauling freight from city to city. Truck drivers miss plenty of birthdays and other important family events. For a person who has a family this can be extremely frustrating because you stand the chance of missing special moments in life like watching your children grow up. It is hard to form a relationship with your family on a regular basis. This particular situation has led to many divorces because of the time that many truckers have to spend away from home. It is emotionally draining for both the truck driver and his family.

It is argued that this is not a bad lifestyle for a single person who does not have ties to any one location. It is considered to be an ideal job for the person who loves to travel. In fact, it is said that many truckers can make and save money because they do not have many of the expenses that are associated with living at home. However, this is usually only true if the pay justifies the time spent on the road.

Although a lot of truckers are able to save a good bit of money, it still does not make up for the fact that they have to spend a lot of time on the road. Or, that they spend more than 75 percent of the day in their truck. The bottom line is that for many truckers the income does not justify the time that is spent performing the job. This same thing holds true for both married and single truckers.

Considering the fact that truckers are always away from home, this does not mean that they can’t enjoy some of the comforts of home. This is why many trucks are fitted with sleeper cabs that have beds and other comforts of home such as microwave ovens. This is one way for truckers to relax and unwind while on the road. There are many different trucking companies that offer such sleeper cabs. Research various Peterbilt, Freightliner, Mack, Ford or Kenworth reviews. Do a little research and look at the Aerodyne Sleeper or the Studio Sleeper. Both have a huge reputation for being a top notch product. It is just a matter of reading the reviews and finding a sleeper that fits your lifestyle and budget. Just because you are on the road for months on end, this does not mean that you cannot have a few comforts of home.

All in all, living on the road as a truck driver is a hard life. It is very stressful, time consuming and very lonely. However, there are those who live this lifestyle every day.

Source by Elinor Goldsby

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