It’s a process.

First, you tell me what you’re looking for.  Where you want to drive (OTR, Regional, Local). How much you want to  make. Home time.

Next, we fill out the job application which  will be sent to all carriers who meet your requirements. It’s a very  detailed application as it has to answer 99.99% of the questions various  carriers will have. You will need to be 100% honest when giving me the  data to fill in. Many think carriers don’t do a thorough background  check. Believe me they do!  You do not want them to think you’re  dishonest or trying to conceal something.

I then research  carriers and their open positions to find the ones that most closely  match your requirements. Working with over 50 trucking companies gives me a huge advantage over other recruiters in finding your dream job. I submit your job application to them and wait  to see who is interested in you and your skills.

Lastly, I present you with these choices and let you decide which carrier and position is right for you.

This method has proven over and over again to be the best and most efficient way to get drivers the job they are looking for.

For more information you can go to or better yet, call 972-366-6591 to get started today!

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