5 Safety Rules to Follow While Driving a Truck

Finding their way through expressways and winding roads, the heavy duty trucks facilitate movement of people & goods from one destination to another. However, driving such a beast is not an easy job. One needs to follow certain rules & regulations to make the travel safe. To begin with, professional truck drivers must necessarily have a commercial driving license, without which, they cannot operate any commercial vehicle. While driving a large truck, one [...]

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Truck and Trailer Safety Tips

  Preventing accidents can save you a lot of money. As drivers we are on the road often and need to try and travel safely. Making use of truck and trailer safety tips will help not only you as a truck driver but all your fellow road users too. Below are some truck and trailer safety tips that can be of great use to all drivers. Tip 1: If you cannot see the truck's side [...]

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The Importance Of Staying Hydrated On The Road

As a truck driver the last thing that you want to have to do is make a bunch of scheduled or unscheduled pit stops along the road. Many truckers intentionally curb or control how much they are drinking during the day limiting their intake of liquids often by less than half of what is recommended. It is important to realize that dehydration can cause serious health issues over both the short and long [...]

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Practical Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

Due to their immense size and enormous weight, commercial trucks handle differently than normal automobiles. Big rigs and other large trucks usually require more time to start and stop, and take a longer period of time to accelerate as well. When a large commercial truck is involved in a collision or accident with another automobile, the results are catastrophic. The victims of truck accidents have a far greater chance of suffering serious injury [...]

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How to Best Prevent Your Semi Truck Brakes From Overheating and What to Do If You Notice an Issue

Overheated semi truck brakes are something that no driver wants to have to deal with. And often, this kind of problem can be prevented entirely. However, there are cases in which the brakes overheat - and sometimes even catch fire!-before the problem is identified. It's important to get regular checkups to ensure that your brakes are in good condition. This will reduce the chance of your brakes overheating while you're driving, which is [...]

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Requiring Maturity For Big Rig Operators

A couple of summers ago, I had a dangerous run-in with a truck driver who should not have been behind the wheel of a big rig. It happened when I was driving back to New York on Interstate 91, not far south of White River Junction, Vermont. I was in the passing lane, going past several cars that were traveling near the 65 miles per hour speed limit. I was probably doing between [...]

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Safety Tips For Truckers

Firstly, hats off to all Truckers! It is not easy spending days away from friends and family, lonely hours on the road and steering giant vehicles through peak hour traffic. It might not be classified as a prestige career, but it takes a strong personality and yes much skill, to get this job done. On that note, if you yourself are not part of the Trucking family, next time you are stuck behind [...]

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Trucking Accidents – Who Is Liable for Improperly Loaded or Secured Cargo?

Personal Injuries to Non-Employees and the General Public If a non-employee or other member of the general public is injured because of improperly secured or loaded cargo, both the shipper and carrier may be liable. The carrier may be liable under a theory of vicarious liability if an agent of the commercial carrier or trucking company is involved in the loading and securing process (eg the driver). However, if the injury results from [...]

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Safety Issues About Load Binders

Load binders are suitable tie-downs to prevent any kind of mishaps. It is a valuable tool to hold the goods in place and it is coated with steel for maximum strength. You can purchase a binder of your choice at a reasonable price over the internet. The main features of a binder are: Reliable design for easy handling Heat treatment is given for extra strength Hooks provide optimum option to lift the loads [...]

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Important Things To Know About Hazardous Material Transportation

A truck driver that hauls hazardous materials has to follow a completely different set of rules compared to general freight. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has several hazardous materials regulations in place that must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone in and around the transporting vehicle. This is a brief description of the things that you should know about hazardous materials transportation. The preparing for the transportation of Hazmat is the [...]

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