Firstly, hats off to all Truckers! It is not easy spending days away from friends and family, lonely hours on the road and steering giant vehicles through peak hour traffic. It might not be classified as a prestige career, but it takes a strong personality and yes much skill, to get this job done. On that note, if you yourself are not part of the Trucking family, next time you are stuck behind one of these machines chugging slowly up an incline or you are squeezed next to one trying to take a corner, be patient and save your hoots and curses for real reckless roadies and give these guys a break!

With that said, I would like to use this article to promote the safety of all the dedicated truck drivers out there. If you keep some of these tips in mind you are more likely to arrive home safely to your loved ones as well as add to the safety of fellow drivers and their passengers whilst on the road. So here we go – 5 Road Safety Tips for dedicated Truckers:

Tip #1 – Stay healthy! You might not have the most active job and sitting in one position for hours on end can’t take its toll on your overall health. So exercise when you can, perhaps do a stretching routine during your breaks. Lots of water is essential and stock up on healthy snacks for the road – avoid fast food no matter how tempting and convenient it might be. A healthy body includes a healthy and attentive mind – which leads me to the next tip.

Tip #2 – This might seem obvious but surprisingly it is often taken for granted – DO NOT do drugs or consume alcohol before or during the job. You need to be 100% focused when on the road and no matter how relaxing a beer can be, just say NO! If you feel you need a boost, a good cup of coffee will do.

OK so now we have you all healthy, awake and energetic, let’s get your vehicle in order:

Tip #3 – Make sure your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected before each trip. If you are not the truck owner, ensure the company you work for is keeping up to date with all vehicle inspections and services. Also, check to see that the truck is packed with all of the necessary safety equipment such as Fire Extinguishers and reflective triangles for unforeseen breakdowns. Oh and please, a good wash goes along way – clean up before hitting the highway (this includes inside the truck as well, you don’t want any obstructions rolling in between the pedals). Lastly, ensure that your truck display the relative and compulsory signage.

Tip #4 – Be prepared. If you do not have a radio control in your truck, make sure you have a charged cell phone in case of an emergency. It is also not a bad idea to include a First Aid kit, rather be safe than sorry! Stock up on water and healthy snacks – you can never have too many. Healthier foods pump you full of the good energy that you will need!

Tip #5 – Finally and most importantly, for the safety of yourself as well as others – be aware! Stay alert and don’t take chances on the road – even if it is a calculated risk! Obey the rules to ensure your safe arrival. When stopping at traffic lights or parking at a stop, be cautious of suspicious citizens. Never carry more cash than you need and double check that your vehicle is locked!

I know the job of a trucker is more complex than it seems. If I have forgotten to mention something that you feel is of the utmost importance, feel free to contact me so that we can promote safety on our roads. To all you hard working truck drivers out there – keep safe and enjoy the ride! Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I hope you consider these tips!

Source by Amie F Harms

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