While getting quotes for commercial truck insurance there are many factors that insurance companies consider when determining the appropriate rate that should be applied to the policy. The most common factors are driving history, number of trucks, radius of operation, insurance claims history, and safety violations.

Trucking safety regulations have been put in place to ensure the safety of the truck driver as well as the safety of the public. Disregard for these safety procedures can jeopardize the safety of other people on the road.

When a commercially licensed driver receives a safety violation, such as an oversized load or improper truck maintenance, it becomes public record. Insurance companies and underwriters are then able to view these violations while they are quoting a new insurance policy. The more violations a driver or company have, the higher the premium that will be charged to the insured.

Having numerous safety violations can cause a significant increase in the amount of premium being charged to a policy when compared to companies without violations. It is important for drivers to work with their insurance agent and inquire about any type of safety history that could be improperly reported.

In some cases safety, violations can be reported on a driver’s safety records that are not actually the driver violations. When this happens it is important for the records to be corrected so that the appropriate premiums are being charged on the policy. This way the consumer will not be paying a premium for their commercial truck insurance that is not appropriate for the driver’s safety history.

Source by Paul R Woodward

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