So you are female and you want to do what so many bold and beautiful women do and that is break into a male dominated world such as the world of the semi-truck driver. This is no easy task but it makes an ordinary life so exciting! So what can you expect out of this life and how have other women dealt with this career pathway? You will find out a little about that and the practicalities such as insurance for semi truck and more.

A little history

You may think that women in trucking is a new thing but it is actually been going on since not long into the turn of the century. In 1927 Elizabeth Drennen was the very first woman to obtain a CDL license and begin long-haul trucking. She began in a small Chevy truck and was equipped with a revolver she carried for protection on the road. Women account for around 5% of the trucking industry in the US, which comes to about 170,000 of them actively out there.

A lot of safety

It is commendable that women have taken on a greater role in the area of trucking. However there are considerations as far as safety is concerned that we have to take and below are listed some safety tips for women in trucking. Also remember this when you are taking out insurance for semi truck.

Never advertise the fact that you are alone: You may be tough and you may be well-trained but you are still vulnerable and lighter than a male. There are people out there that are just looking for a woman alone to do some harm so be cognoscente of that fact and arm yourself make sure you are either carrying something such as mace or a knife. You may have a gun license but if you are going across country and are stopped or involved in any altercation by which you have to expose or discharge your weapon, you may find yourself having an issue with the law.

Do not use rest areas at night: This advice comes from a myriad of seasoned female truckers because this is when you are most vulnerable. Unless it is a rest stop that is open all night with security, you have to remember you are in the middle of nowhere and you are not going to find help quickly enough.

Don’t use back roads: If you break down get tired or something unforeseen happens steer clear of the back roads. They are badly lit if at all and you have no idea who and what is out there in the night, whose property you are touching and what kind of people are in some of these small towns in the US. This is asking for issues if you have to get out and seek help. Stay on major highways and state roads and make sure you know how to use your radio. And make sure you are covered by insurance for a semi truck.

Source by Robert Fogarty

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