Load binders are suitable tie-downs to prevent any kind of mishaps. It is a valuable tool to hold the goods in place and it is coated with steel for maximum strength. You can purchase a binder of your choice at a reasonable price over the internet.

The main features of a binder are:

  • Reliable design for easy handling
  • Heat treatment is given for extra strength
  • Hooks provide optimum option to lift the loads
  • Each binder is tested in the company lab
  • Binders are coated with Corrosion resistant baked enamel finish

There are many options available for you to safeguard the loading and unloading task. Different styles of accessories such as floor chain tie downs, chain drums, coil racks, lever binders and other heavy duty chain to protect the load from any damage. The main purpose of load binders is to bind the goods intact on any vehicle while travelling.

How to choose a load binder?

When you are placing an order for a binder, it is important that you double check them for its durability and strength. The latest product is Grade 70 chain, which is used widely for the flatbed trailers & other load bearing vehicles. Each of these binders can be used with chains of different sizes to bear the weight of the load being transported.

Different types of Load binders are:

  • Ratchet Load Binders
  • Alloy Ratchet Load Binders
  • Under Reach Load Binder
  • T-Handle Ratchet Binder
  • Lever Load Binders

Why to choose a grade 70?

When you are in need of strong and reliable chains to secure your valuable loads, you could opt for the grade 70 chains. They are usually made up of gold tone finish with an inscription G-70 on them. The 70 grade chains are capable of carrying load up to 4700 lbs. They are manufactured in varying length such as 16′, 20′, 25′, and 550′. Along with it, you could also purchase grade 70 grab hook and slip hook. The Grade 70 chain is quite dependable, especially when you have heavy items loaded on your truck and travelling through a hilly terrain. Such chains withstand all hairpin turns and sudden stops.

Safety measures to be followed while handing binders

There are 2 types of chain binders namely ratchet and lever. Such binders are mostly used by trucking industry for loading and unloading of goods. The ratchet binders are a little riskier to use when compared to the lever ones. Some of the measures that you need to keep in mind while using these binders are mentioned below:

  • People handling these binders should be trained well on its pro, cons and usages.
  • Routine check should be conducted to inspect the bending, cracks, and wear of such binders. It is advisable that you do not use the binders even if they are slightly cracked.
  • Use 70 grade chains to fasten the load.
  • Protect the edges of the chain binders from direct contact with rough surfaces or sharp edges.
  • Do not use the binders when someone is standing very close to the loaded truck

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