With this regional dedicated job, drivers operate within the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (including New York City and Long Island), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont and features:

  • Average annual earnings projected at $82,000
  • Drivers are home weekly
  • Consistent schedule, pay and time off
  • Online orientation through our Direct to Work program
  • Benefit options and a company-matched 401k plan
  • 6 months of experience needed.

Time off / Shift

  • The account will attempt to have your 34 hour reset on at least one weekend day, but weekends are not guaranteed.
  • Most weeks, driver will get home for a 34 hour reset
  • Drivers will not have set days off and drivers are not on static routes.

Position Details:

  • This account services retail stores. Deliveries are made Sunday-Friday and any overflow will be delivered on Saturday.
  • Run regional delivering Family Dollar freight from the distribution center in Rome NY to stores in the NE region from PA to ME including NYC/Long Island
  • Multi-stop deliveries (6-12 stops per week)

Special requirements:

  • Trailers contain 2500-2800 cases stacked from floor to ceiling
  • All driver unload- drivers handle each case, hand unloading onto rollers to move freight into the stores.
  • Driver must be comfortable driving a manual transmission – No automatics are available for this location.

Additional details:

  • Most holidays are not observed by our customer. Each driver will be required to work on holidays, unless vacation time is taken. All drivers that work the holiday will be paid an extra $150.
  • Must take truck home and park in secure location
  • Riders are not permitted.
  • Trucks are 0-3 years old.

There is a comprehensive benefit package that provides options for an individual or a family, including: medical, dental, prescription, life insurance plans, 401k plan with company-matched funds and more. Drivers start earning paid time off on their first day on the job.

Drivers must live within 75 miles of Rome NY

Call 972-366-6591 TO APPLY!!



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