Retirees are increasingly looking to the trucking industry as new career possibilities. Many older adults retire and soon find themselves with too much time on their hands. They get bored watching television all day. They soon tire of congregating with older couples at center citizen centers spending their days socializing, watching movies, playing cards or other games. They long for something more productive to do. A career in trucking gives them the opportunity to see the country while earning money. This often gives them a sense of accomplishment, adventure and satisfaction.

Trucking companies currently experiencing a shortage of drivers are happy to have them. There are no age restriction limits. Trucking companies have been a major source of providing employment to retirees. Older workers have years of work experience. They usually have good verifiable track records on their jobs. They have proven to be dependable workers who know the importance of punctuality, reliability and dedication. Retirees and empty nesters having retired from non-trucking related jobs are increasingly turning to the trucking industry for a totally different work experience.

Retirees looking to enter the trucking industry need to obtain a CDL license. This involves enrolling in a truck driving training program. There are many options to choose from. They can choose from community colleges or programs offered at other local schools. They can also choose independently operated truck driver training schools. Another option is company paid CDL training programs. The lease expensive of these options will usually be the local or community college programs.

Retirees should be relatively healthy as they must be able to pass a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) physical exam. It is vitally important that drivers have good vision. CDL Drivers must have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye. Glasses or contact lenses are permitted. Other crucial health issues include diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetic drivers are not allowed to use needle-injected insulin. However, they are permitted to control their diabetes through dietary measures or oral medication. CDL driver’s blood pressure must be under 160/100 although prescription medication to control blood pressure is permitted. Drivers may also be required to pass a stress test to prove that he/she can operate a commercial motor vehicle without restrictions.

The lifestyle of truck drivers is not easy. Retirees deciding to enter the trucking industry are usually aware of many of the challenges before taking the plunge. Truckers spend long days and nights on the road living in the back of a truck which is a major challenge. Having to keep schedules for pick-up and delivery appointments is also a challenge. Also, truckers will have limited food choices as opposed to home cooked meals. However, many retirees gladly accept these challenges and decide this is much better than days and nights filled with TV and endless social activities. Trucking companies gladly welcome them.

Source by Annalee Chambers

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