If you’re an operator looking to expand your fleet, you should seriously consider the benefits of purchasing used 18 wheelers for your company. Many people simply assume that buying new is the way to go, but you’d be surprised at how many advantages pre-owned vehicles can offer.


Obviously, used trucks will cost less than new ones. However, the amount of money you save could be a great deal more than you may think. Whether you’re just starting out your business or you have an established operation, purchasing pre-owned vehicles can substantially boost your bottom line. Even vehicles that are only a year old can be dramatically less than new versions, and they’re usually not that much different in terms of quality. If you have lower payments each month, you’ll have less overhead and increased cash flow. This could make a huge difference if you unexpectedly hit a slow period that lasts several months.

Affordable Upgrades

In some instances, operators have to choose between used 18 wheelers from reliable manufacturers and new models from lower quality manufacturers. If you fit into this category, purchasing from the reliable manufacturer will likely be your best choice – even if the model you’re purchasing has some mileage on it. Today’s vehicles are designed to go at least 100,000 miles, so you could very likely purchase a truck you can count on for several years.

Eliminating Extras You Don’t Need

New vehicles may have a lot of features that you would find unnecessary. Instead of shelling out a lot of money for bells and whistles you probably won’t need, opt for a pre-owned vehicle that provides exactly what you’re looking for.


You’ll actually be getting quite a bit more value for your dollar if you buy a truck that is a year old. As soon as you drive a new one off the lot, it will immediately depreciate by as much as 20 percent. Within the first year, it could depreciate as much as 40 percent more. On the other hand, pre-owned models maintain more value with time. Should you have to sell it for whatever reason, you won’t take as much of a hit financially.

Other Costs

Used 18 wheelers don’t cost as much to insure as new ones, and you are probably well aware of how substantially premiums can impact your bottom line. In addition, registering a new truck can be a lot more expensive than you realize, even though the amount can vary from state to state. Sales tax is another consideration. In some instances, the sales tax on new vehicles can be hundreds of dollars while pre-owned trucks aren’t taxed at all.

While there are pros and cons of buying used 18 wheelers, if you do your homework you’ll probably find that going the pre-owned route provides benefits you may not have ever considered.

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