There are so many options in the market of the CB radio! The largest manufacturer and the most popular such as the Cobra and Uniden CB radios are well known. But now, we must look at some alternative brands of CB radios to find out about the offers and advantages they give.

First, there are Ranger CB radios. Ranger Communications started in 1972 and their specialty is building amateur radios, commercial 2 ways radios, and telephony equipment for remote places like islands, oil platforms, and such. Of course, the company is dedicated to make CB radios too.

Ranger Communications has a complete line of CB appliances known as the Texas Ranger. Inside the line there are seven models of mobiles CB radios, and one model of base. The CB mobile radios, the simplest models are the TR 900 series, which counts with the TR 936 and the TR 966.

Both models have 2 years of warranty, and they are built to resist the vibration of the truck and include a voltage protection circuitry. They also have squelch control, external speaker jack, dynamic mike system, RF and Mic gain control, and the instant channel 19. The differences between them are that TR936 includes Advanced Noise Filter Circuit, roger beep, dimmer control and tone control. The TR 966 adds to that the clarifier control and the high and low switch for the comfort listening of the operator.

There are two new models on the Texas Ranger division: the TR 696FD1 and the TR 127 GK. The TR 696 FD1 or Freedom 1 is distinguished by its patriotic look. The front panel is printed by the flag of the United States of America and all the buttons are chrome. This attractive CB radio has the AM / SSB modes, Noise blanker system, PA (Public Address) switch and NB and ANL control also to reduce the background noise.

The TR 127GK also contains above features plus the RF gain, the instant channel 19 and the PA/ CB switch and its luxurious look; TR 127GK has a chrome shinny face and gold controls and trim.

The second option is Maxon. Maxon is a Korean company founded in 1974. For 30 years, the company has been working on communication and multimedia technology. The company makes GSM cellular phones, FRS radios, two ways radios and CB radios.

Maxon has three different CB radio models: MCB 30 and 45 and the HCB 10C. The MCB 30 has a maximum of 7 mile capacity of RF communication, squelch control, last channel memory, microphone on the front and LED channel display on this black radio made with rugged metal case.

The MCB 45 has the same features as its brother but adds an emergency channel 9 button, RF gain control, Public Address Speaker jack and CB/ Weather channel control. The third one of the family is the HCB 10 C. This all-handle radio counts with a LED Channel Display, TX LED indicator and battery low indicator.

The prices of the Ranger radios depend of the features included in the models. Ranger radios could cost from $60 to $130, and even $200 for the new and patriotic model Freedom 1. Maxon CB radios prices are changing also, but they have a starting price of $ 50.

Source by Mauricio Lizama

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