More and more women are entering the trucking industry today. This is a good thing for women as they find many opportunities are available to them. It is also good for the trucking industry which is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified drivers. Women in the United States have been working as truck drivers since the 1920’s. They have a good track record as being dependable workers and careful drivers. They also have a good record of taking good care of their equipment. What is Surprising to many people is that some women can actually drive trucks better than men.

Women truck drivers enjoy equal pay and opportunities for advancement. The benefits vary from company to company. This can include medical, dental and vision insurance plus life insurance plans. Other benefits include paid vacations and 401K savings plans. Some companies offer additional benefits such as safety bonuses.

Lisa is a 45 year lady who recently began her truck driving career. Lisa stated that her lifelong goal had been to become a truck driver. She grew up in a trucking family where her father was a truck driver. As a child she occasionally went on the road with him. She found this to be a fascinating adventure. This was the life she wanted as an adult. She decided that since her children are grown this was the perfect time for her to begin working as a longhaul truck driver.

She began her truck driving career approximately nine months ago. Currently, she works as an over the road driver for a major trucking company hauling dry van freight. She is happy and enjoying meeting fellow truckers. She is thoroughly enjoying her new career as a commercial truck driver.

Women who are considering a truck driver career often wonder how they will be treated by their male counterparts. Generally speaking, men and women are treated pretty much equally. However, women should carry themselves in a manner which demands respect.

Truckstop lounges and restaurants provide pleasant places for food, conversation and relaxation. You can enjoy a meal at the restaurant and watch television or movies in the lounge. Some truckstops have fitness facilities so you can exercise if you choose to do so. Many truckstops also have excellent bathroom and shower facilities. Countless friendships are often made through connections made at truckstops.

Women generally face more safety risks than men and should take appropriate care to be safe. It is important that you always have your cell phone. It is important to get a safe place to park at night. You should avoid rest areas if at all possible as truckstops are safer. Therefore, you should plan your trip with a designated truckstop in mind for the evening. Oftentimes, you must get there early enough to get a parking place so plan your trips accordingly.

Also, stay on the main road as opposed to back roads. Although back roads may sometimes be the shortest route they may not be the safest route. When at the trucktop, try to park in an area of the truckstop which has the greatest amount of light. Generally, this is close to the front door. Finally, keep your doors locked. Always plan your trips with safety in mind.

Source by Annalee Chambers

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