This program is dedicated to helping lease operators be successful.  The no money down – no credit check lease program makes it easy for you to start your own business.  Along with no money down, we offer:

  • 6 – 36 Month Equipment Lease Agreements
  • 2016  and  Newer Kenworth’s and Internationals

Equipment Lease Qualifications

Approved and Qualified to driver for Minimum 1 year of experience


Following Completion:

Begin a New Lease with a Different Truck


Contractor’s Compensation

Carrier shall pay contractor on all dispatched miles according to the PCMiler mileage product.
Mileage pay will be as follows:

Mileage Pay (including $0.03/mile bonus) if all paperwork is submitted using the in-cab scanner with-in 48 hours of being empty:

  • 0 – 150 Miles:  $1.15/mile Reefer/Dry Van
  • 151 – 250 Miles:  $1.05/mile  Reefer/Dry Van
  • 251 – 300 Miles:  $0.97/mile Reefer/Dry Van
  • 301+ Miles:  $0.96/mile Reefer/Dry Van

Empty Mileage Pay:

  • 0 – 150 Miles:  $0.90/mile Reefer/Dry Van
  • 151 – 250 Miles:  $0.90/mile  Reefer/Dry Van
  • 251 – 300 Miles:  $0.90/mile Reefer/Dry Van
  • 301+ Miles:  $0.90/mile Reefer/Dry Van


  • 100% paid lumpers
  • Up to $200/wk in advances
  • Discounted fuel prices
  • The Net Cost of fuel averages $0.95 (Net Cost = Purchase Price + Fuel Surcharge)
  • $50 stop pay after first stop
  • 100% New York City pay for charges collected
  • Free truck washes at facilities in MN, WI, OH
  • Authorized toll roads with proper receipt (must match log)
  • Weekly settlements / direct deposit
  • Free In-Cab Scanning
  • EZPass free of charge
  • Lease payment is 100% tax deductible
  • Aerodynamic equipment
  • 100% APU equipped

Expenses Covered by the Contractor

  • Fuel taxes (calculated and filed for you)
  • Road Taxes
  • Federal Highway Use Tax ($550 annually)
  • Overweight tickets / scale tickets
  • All maintenance and related items
  • Collision and bobtail insurance (offered through carrier)
  • Workman’s Compensation. If owner has hired driver, a $1 million dollar policy is required
  • Occupational Accident Insurance (offered through carrier)
  • Reserve Escrow deducted at $100 per week with $10,000 cap for Contractor’s liability account
  • Base plates and permits deducted weekly at $36.92 (2016-2017)

Maintenance Fund

(Applies to Equipment Lease Agreements)
$0.10 / mile will be deducted from each settlement and forwarded into the Maintenance Fund. This Maintenance Fund is to be used to keep the truck running and on the road (services, tires, batteries and physical damage repairs).

Hiring Areas:

Lower 48 except Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Mississippi and Upper Michigan


CALL 972-366-6591 TO APPLY!!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Time ?
We recommend staying out a minimum of 3 week to run a full lease program
Can I pick my own Freight?
In the lease program you do have the option to turn down freight. You will work one on one with your dispatcher , they will learn where you like to run and give recommendations on freight.
Do you offer Health Insurance?
Contractors are not eligible for Health insurance. We recommend reaching out to BCBS in your state or your state programs. ESOP IS NOT available for contractors!
Are your trucks covered under a Warranty?
All lease trucks come with a 30 day warranty (excluding Glass and Tire). Depending on the make and model of your truck there may also be extended  warranties you are able to take advantage of. Trent will be able to go over those details in orientation.
Tires are prorated on replacement
Will I have a balloon payment at the end?
Upon completion you have the option to purchase the truck at Fair Market Value. This is going to put you at a much higher advantage then financing thru a bank. Keep in mind we can never determine what Fair Market Value will be in 3 years, here is an example: Your lease starts with a 160k truck – upon completion Fair Market Value with depreciation is around 60-70k. You would never hit that much of a principal in 3 years leasing from a bank.
What Trucks do you have available?
The week prior to orientation we can give an idea of what is on the yard, let them know there may have others available at orientation and can go thru more details then.
Do you offer Percentage?
The lease program is paid per Mile however lease is a stepping stone in your driving career. Following lease you can move into our percentage paid Owner Operator Expedited Division.
What is your Truck Payment?
We offer one of the lowest truck payments in the industry averaging $600/weekly.
Do I need a EIN#?
Yes you will need to come on board with one
Do your trucks have Cameras?
Yes they are equipped with critical event cameras. Lease trucks are required to have them however following completion of your lease and moving on to a Owner Operator it can be removed.
What would average weekly take home be?
You control your take home pay, as a Contractor you are running your own business. There are many variables that come into play: Home time, taking advantage of our Fuel Network discount, maintenance, freight acceptance, out of route miles… etc.
Am I able to Lease as a Team?
Yes Teams can be brought on in lease, pay remains the same as solo contractor -Truck payments increase by $200 and lease terms are 12m.
What is orientation pay?
Orientation is paid $80/ day $40/ half day – Lodging, Travel and Meals are also covered
Do you check Credit?
No the Lease program is a No Money down- No Credit Check program
Can I bring a Pet?
Lease does have a Pet Policy – $750 deposit
                     Same qualifications as company – 50lbs – non aggressive breeds
Do your trucks have lnvertors?
Same policy as company – Available for purchase thru the shop or they can bring own up to 1500w. Installed Free of Charge.
Are your lease trucks governed? 
Maintenance Escrow – No Max
Taken out .10/mile – Weekly
Covers any Maintenance related items
Upon completion/ end of lease balance will be reimbursed.
Contract allows for 45 days to be sure all debts are deducted from account before reimbursement is sent out.
Is there a penalty if I leave the program early?

There is not a penalty for leaving the program early.

Am I able to re-lease the same truck?
No – drivers normally do not release the same truck.  By that time it is time to trade the truck.
Security Reserve Account – $10,000 Max
$100/ Weekly
Covers Physical damage and Freight Claims
Upon completion/ end of lease balance will be reimbursed.
Contract allows for 45 day to be sure all claims are processed and deducted from account before reimbursement is sent out.

CALL 972-366-6591 TO APPLY!!


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