This local driving job operates within 250 miles of Westfield, Massachusetts, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New York. 

Drivers need 12 months experience and must live within 20 miles of Westfield MA.

We’re hiring local CDL-A dedicated drivers! Drive dedicated and enjoy a consistent schedule and pay, onsite management and regular deliveries to a single customer.

  • Average pay projected at $90,000
  • Home daily with consistent time off
  • Online orientation through our Direct to Work program
  • 401k with company match
  • Paid-time-off accrual from day one

Aside from the perks of a consistent schedule and pay, company dedicated truck drivers also enjoy access to comprehensive health benefit offerings including medical, dental and vision as well as life insurance, 401k and paid vacation.


  • $1730 weekly avg
  • $90,000 yearly avg
  • Paid $160 /day while training.  Drivers will train for 7-14 days.


  • 9 PM – 1 AM start time – driver would start at 9 PM on Sun night.
  • Off Wed/Thurs.
  • Sat is a mandatory work day.  Unless driver has arranged with management to be off.
  • 12-14 hour shift.
  • 5 day work week with a 6th day as needed or for extra money.


  • Deliver fresh and frozen groceries on a ’53,’51,’48,or’46 ft reefer trailer to supermarkets and distribution centers in  (NY Boroughs +Long Island- 90% of loads),  NJ,  CT, MA,  VT, RI, NH.
  • NOTE:  when delivering in NYC the trailers will be 46′ or will be pups.
  • Multistop loads, usually 31 stops per week on avg.
  • Drivers normally do one long load per day, occasionally followed by a shorter load if hours permit.
  • Drivers will pick up return product occasionally from stops and may need to pick up a backhaul back to the DC


  • Frozen product, 1-3 pallets per stop, that are unloaded by driver with a  manual pallet jack and liftgate. 
  • Drivers will help support other accounts in the local area as needed.
  • Trucks will be slip seated. The account will try to keep the drivers in the same trucks but they will be sharing with a driver on an opposite shift. There is no guarantee however so the drivers should expect to slip seat.


  • Automatic daycabs that cannot be taken home for time off.
  • Drivers Must have personal transportation to and from work daily.
  • Drivers should understand the importance of customer service and have good customer service skills.
  • Uniforms are provided and maintained by the account.


Drivers must have 6 months experience and live within 20 miles of  Westfield MA.

Moving Violations

  • No more than 3 in the last 3 years

* Based on the offense date

Policy on License suspensions

  • No more than 30 days in the last 3 years for moving violation
  • No more than 12 months in the last 3 years for non-moving violation
  • Must have a valid license for 2 out of last 3 years

DOT Recordable Accidents

  • No more than 3 minor accidents/incidents in the past 3 years
  • No more than 1 highway accident in the past year
  • No major preventable in the last 3 years

* Major Preventable Accident Definition – Damage totaling $25,000 or more

Ticket / Accident / Incident Combo

  • No more than 3 accidents and/or tickets
  • No more than one preventable with less than 12 months of experience

Major Moving Violations- that are automatic DQ’s

  • No careless or reckless driving convictions in the last 3 years
  • No rear end or roll over accidents in the last 3 years

* Go by offense date.

Policy Against Unemployment- even if it is accounted for

  • No more than 22 months of unemployment in the last 3 years

Felony Convictions

  • All criminal convictions are reviewed on an individual basis as part of an overall review of the file.
  • Felony drug charges must be outside of 7 years


  •  All criminal convictions are reviewed on an individual basis as part of an overall review of the file.


  • No more than 1 and it must be outside of 5 years old
  • If Driver has 2 DUI’s, they will be considered if both are prior to 2002
  • Drivers with a DUI/DWI in a CMV may be considered for employment with appropriate SAP paperwork.

* Go by offense date

Drug Screening

  • Urine & Hair

Failed Drug/Alcohol Test

  • Must have 1 year of safe Driving since completing an SAP program

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