The ice road truck driving season lasts for about eight to ten weeks from late November to mid-January. During this time, it is essential that drivers transport their cargo over the ice and make their deliveries on time as villages, townships and hundreds of remote areas depend on them. This includes oil fields, diamond mines and small communities situated throughout the vast landscape.

As a truck driver, you will be taking your rig over the land masses linked only by paved ice, and the only thing that separates you from disaster is just layer is just the frozen ice. This is all done in complete darkness as it is pitch black nearly 24 hours out of the day during this time of year.

This exciting high paying, seasonal job is one of the most coveted truck driving employment positions one could have if you are a Commercial Drivers License holder. Regardless of which country you are from, if your desire is to drive over the ice, then you may apply for a job.

If you do apply for a job and are hired, and are a first time ice road truck driver, they will ensure you have the ability to drive a rig and over ice, and as such, many of them will assign an experienced driver’s assistant on your first few runs to make sure you get use to how they behave.

There are always plenty of job openings leading up to the season, and the trucking companies are always looking for experienced drivers not only from the America’s to the other side of the world.

In addition to enjoying the financial benefits of a high paid trucker, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. The northern lights, bears, the sunsets are just incredible.

The length any one of these unique roads can range anywhere as little as one mile and as long as 100 miles winding around and through a series of frozen bodies of water where both companies and people are. In Canada alone, there are roughly 1400km of ice roads throughout the Northwest Territories.

In Alaska, a popular run is from the end of Dalton highway in Deadhorse to the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay where crews are awaiting much needed supplies.

If you’re looking for adventure and looking to drive just a couple of months out of the year, then this type of job might be what you need.

Source by Eric G Znoj

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