Fleet Businesses are now using GPS technology to measure and identify critical variables that were until now immeasurable. These costs, when eliminated, have a positive impact to the bottom line of any business. Identifying soft costs associated with vehicle management, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, reducing labor expenses and improving customer service are just a few of the benefits these devices bring. GPS tracking devices are savvy and covert, offering an abundance of unparalleled reports and web-based mapping capabilities at an affordable price. Fleet businesses both large and small are able to take advantage of the benefits these devices bring.

Installing a GPS tracking device in your fleet of vehicles puts a virtual manager riding along side your driver. Owners and managers have the ability to verify employee productivity, monitor and correct dangerous driving habits, receive critical performance reports and much more. Businesses benefit from speed alerts, start and stop reporting, historical reporting and zone alerts to help manage their vehicles and assets. Employees doing unauthorized work with company resources, using company vehicles for personal use, and taking unauthorized or excessively long breaks are just a few concerns of business owners and supervisors in today’s fleet businesses. Businesses using these devices are seeing a dramatic drop in employee moonlighting while adding a layer of verification to employee time sheets, reducing overtime and other associated labor costs.

Reducing fuel consumption with today’s fuel prices are among the top concerns of fleet business owners. As fuel prices continue to spiral upwards averaging $ 3.00 per gallon, reducing fuel consumption and cost is becoming more and more vital. What can businesses do to reduce fuel consumption? One hidden expense of fuel consumption is excessive idling. When a commercial vehicle is left idling, it can consume one gallon of gas per hour. The American Trucking Association states that one hour of idling per day for one year results in the equivalent of 64,000 miles in engine wear when adding up all the contributing factors. This can be costly whether you are a large or small fleet owner. A fleet of 5 vehicles idling one hour per day at a fuel cost of $ 3.00 per gallon will have a daily idling cost of $ 15.00, a monthly idling cost of $ 450 and a yearly cost of $ 5400. For a fleet of 25 vehicles; daily idling cost is $ 75 while monthly idling cost are $ 2250 and yearly idling cost are a whopping $ 27,000. Very quickly businesses are able to see a quick return on their investment with these devices when managed properly.

Speeding burns even more fuel. It’s a proven fact, driving at lower speeds saves fuel. Studies have shown up to a 14% savings in fuel consumption, when drivers reduce their speeds. According to a CNN Money Report, “the biggest fuel saver is driving the speed limit and driving sensibly. Rapid starts and stops and exceeding the speed limit will dent your pocketbook.” The Department of Energy estimates that drivers can save between.15 and.98 cents a gallon with better driving habits. These devices are able to email or text message an owner or manager when the vehicle exceeds predetermined speeds. The ability to view online reports such as start and stop, aggressive driving, or excessive speed reports are giving businesses the help they need to monitor driving habits and enforce driver accountability more than ever.

Improving customer service is another benefit businesses are finding, using GPS technology. From being able to reroute drivers on the fly, to avoiding traffic jams or providing accurate arrival times; businesses are able to better fill customer needs resulting in overall better customer service. With all these advantages it’s hard to imagine not having GPS Tracking in your fleet business.

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Source by Rob Petty

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