A driver who needs to send or receive a fax on the road will find that one page can cost more than a cup of coffee …

Prices to send and receive faxes are sky high at truck stops. Let’s face it; they have a fairly captive audience. Big rigs can’t just park in the lot for the local copy store and send a fax. And very few truckers have fax capability in their trucks.

These are some options truckers have for faxing from the road:
1. Truck stop fuel desk

This is the most expensive option per page. You take whatever you need to have faxed to the fuel desk and pay the exorbitant rates. Or, if you need to receive a fax, you go inside (or call ahead), get the fax number, and pay the exorbitant rates to receive a fax.


* Pay as you go


* Extremely expensive

* Time consuming

* Poor quality

2. Flying J fax mailbox

This is a slightly less expensive option for receiving faxes. The Flying J Road Link kiosks at the Flying J truck stops offer faxing services. It will cost you just as much to send a fax as sending it from the fuel desk, but you won’t have to wait in line at the fuel desk to do it. To receive a fax, you have a few options. You can rent a temporary, private fax mailbox for free for a two hour time period. You go inside to the Road Link kiosk, tap on the “receive a fax” option and set up a temporary mailbox- you will pay only $ .25 / page to receive a fax, but you have to receive the fax within the window you are given. The other option is to pay to rent a mailbox for a month, a few months or a year. You will have your own private fax mailbox with a private fax number you can give out for the time period that you are renting the number.


* Use the kiosk instead of the fuel desk

* $ .25 / page to receive instead of several dollars per page


* Limited to the availability of the kiosk

* If the kiosk is not working, you can’t receive the fax

* Non-refundable fee for renting a fax mailbox long term

* No ability to preview a fax prior to paying for it

* Only available at the Flying J truck stops

* Poor quality

3. eFax

eFax is the most mobile solution for truckers who are electronics savvy. For $ 12.95 / month you will have your own private fax number. You can send and receive faxes directly from your email inbox. More and more truckers are finding that laptop computers and wireless internet air cards are the way to go- and getting cheaper every day. So long as you have a signal and power, you can have your own modified office in the cab of your truck. Wireless air cards are running around $ 60 / month these days or you can rely on WiFi at many truck stops, rest areas and other locations- some places provide it for free. You have the option of choosing an 800 number as your eFax number (with charges to receive faxes) or a local number with an area code as your eFax number (with no charges for incoming faxes). Now there’s a better way to fax. eFax makes it possible to use your existing email account to send and receive faxes. Try eFax free.


* Completely mobile

* Receive unlimited faxes for free (within reason)

* Send documents directly from your computer

* Receive faxes in your email and print them if needed

* Fax number is assigned just to you- no need for cover pages etc

* Quality limited only by your scanner or printer

* No waiting in line or for your fax to send / be received.

* It’s only the cost of 2-3 pages at the truck stop


* Must have internet access to an email account

Trucking is a lifestyle. Technology is transforming the trucking lifestyle from being pen and paper-based and isolated to one that is connected to commerce resources. Computers are turning the cab of your truck into a virtual office by providing access to electronic resources that streamline your business. By using the technology wisely, you can make faxing from the road both convenient and cost effective.

Source by Suzanne Roquemore

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