There are several varieties of truck driving jobs. In this post I am going to concentrate on over the road trucking opportunities. Looking at the lifestyle of an long-haul driver and the many unique features of the position is too extensive for one post. For this reason we shall examine three features connected with this job to start with. We will take a look at the schedule, salary, and the pros and cons of long haul truck driving positions.


Long-haul positions are the most common kind of drivers wanted position. Most new truck drivers start out in one of these jobs. To be a successful over the road trucker it requires a willingness to be away from the family. Schedules vary by company, but nonetheless, in most over the road job opportunities, a trucker should expect to be separated from home for several weeks and then home for a couple of days. As a general rule of thumb, long-haul truck drivers average one day home for each week worked. While on the road a driver may spend 18-23 hours daily inside of the truck. The routine can sometimes be a monotonous routine of driving, getting loaded or unloaded, patiently waiting on the next load, and occasionally stopping at a truck stop. Not everyone can adjust to a way of life such as this and for an individual considering becoming a truck driver this should be taken into account.


Salaries for over the road truck drivers differ by company. Over the road truck drivers are compensated per mile. Typical compensation for a seasoned driver is approximately 35 cents per mile with new truckers making less. But the level of pay per mile is just part of the story. Hours of service regulations are posted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There are many rules but drivers may have 70 hours of driving in eight days. In an ideal world a driver might conservatively average fifty miles per hr for seventy hrs, he could get 3500 miles a week. 3500 miles times 35 cents would be $1225 a week before taxes. But we know that life on the road is far from being perfect. Time squandered getting through traffic congestion, getting loaded or unloaded, and awaiting another load seriously slashes into the amount of income a truck driver will make. One of the unfortunate details of driving over the road is that drivers do not get compensated for time spent on the road while they are not driving. By rule, drivers may drive for 11 hours in a day. If the driver gets held up for 6 hours, he only gets paid for 5 hours. As you can see, there are several variables linked to the pay of an OTR driver. It is critical to do some investigation when looking at starting a new position. We are now going to examine a few of the pros and cons of long-haul truck driving.

Pros of Long Haul Trucking

• An abundance of availability

• Get to see the United states

• Flexibility

• Decent compensation without having a degree

Cons of Long Haul Trucking

• Being apart from family

• Interacting with unsafe drivers

• Navigating an 18-wheeler in traffic

• Unfavorable weather conditions

• Isolation / Loneliness

• Non-Driving actions in which there is no pay

• Equipment failures

• Difficulty keeping healthy

It has been said of careers, discover a vocation that you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life. Many of the drivers that make their living over the road, love their jobs and can become addicted to the road. But due to the requirements of this job, it takes a certain type of person to succeed. Are you one of those people?

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