With this regional dedicated job, drivers operate within the states of California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington and features

  • Average annual earnings projected at $65,100
  • $5,000 bonus offered for a limited time
  • Weekly home time
  • Dedicated deliveries to a single customer
  • Online orientation through our Direct to Work program
  • Benefit options and a company-matched 401k plan

Time Off / Shift: 

  • Schedule:  (Monday – Friday) – required to work a Saturday or Sunday 1 – 2 times a month
  • Start Time:  (0500 – 0800) – drivers are unable to select their start time
  • Shift:  12 hours

Position Details:

  • Trucking Experience Level: 3 months
  • Hauling plastic conduit pipe and racking on a 48ft standard flatbed trailer from the facility in Milford to customers in CA, ID, OR and WA.
  • Drivers are required to pick up backhauls

Special Requirements:

  • Strapping and unstrapping required.
  • Tarping required on backhauls when necessary
  • Tarps weigh 100lbs

Truck Info:

  • International Sleeper
  • Trucks must remain at account during time off

There is a comprehensive benefit package that provides options for an individual or a family, including: medical, dental, prescription, life insurance plans, 401k plan with company-matched funds and more.

Drivers must live withing 75 miles of Eugene OR

CALL 972-366-6591 TO APPLY

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