Ice Road Truck Jobs – The Ultimate High Risk, High Reward Truck Driving Job

The ice road truck driving season lasts for about eight to ten weeks from late November to mid-January. During this time, it is essential that drivers transport their cargo over the ice and make their deliveries on time as villages, townships and hundreds of remote areas depend on them. This includes oil fields, diamond mines and small communities situated throughout the vast landscape. As a truck driver, you will be taking your rig [...]

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Commercial Driver’s License – What Are They and What You Need To Know About Getting One

When is a Commercial Driver's License Required A commercial driver's license requirement is based solely on the weight of the truck, for example a bucket truck or semi truck. This is called the GVW or 'Gross Vehicle Weight'. If your truck has a GVW of more than 26,000, then the driver of the truck will be required to have a CDL. This is the federal requirement. However, if you are traveling across the [...]

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DAC Report Nightmares

The DAC Report has become a nightmare for many truckers. The DAC Report is used as a screening tool for potential drivers by the majority of trucking companies. Negative information on this report could prevent drivers from being hired by other companies. It has actually ruined the careers of many drivers. A DAC Report consist of two parts. The first part of the report consists of background information. This includes driving records, criminal [...]

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Examining the Life of a Long Haul Truck Driver

There are several varieties of truck driving jobs. In this post I am going to concentrate on over the road trucking opportunities. Looking at the lifestyle of an long-haul driver and the many unique features of the position is too extensive for one post. For this reason we shall examine three features connected with this job to start with. We will take a look at the schedule, salary, and the pros and cons [...]

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Do You Want to Be a Truck Driver?

I am surprised that there is such a shortage of truck drivers, or maybe they are just always on the lookout for qualified, dependable drivers and want to keep people thinking about the opportunities. I have friends who have been temp drivers and have enjoyed it. I don't know anyone personally who drives truck for a living. I see them daily as I pass, I always look at their license plates to see [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About DOT Physicals

  Every commercial driver operating in the United States today, no matter what distances they drive, need to carry with them, at all times, a valid medical certificate that indicates that they have passed the standard battery of DOT physicals. If you are going to drive commercial, you need to carry this important document, along with your license, whenever you are in the vehicle, period. There are no exceptions, so if you have not gotten [...]

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Trucking Jobs – Why Driving a Truck is Recession Proof

Why you should become a truck driver. Becoming a truck driver could be the most important decision that you make in your life. You may have just gotten laid off, looking for a career change, or you just want to travel America. One of the biggest reasons that a person does become a truck driver is the money. In your first year of driving a truck over the road, you can make at [...]

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Cross-Country in a Semi-Truck

Desperate times require desperate actions. It was a desperate act. I desperately needed a job or a story to sell. Basically, I needed money and something to do. I was still searching for a second career and running out of options. It was a Sunday morning and I had a bus pass, but nowhere to go. I was trying to "think outside the box" in hopes that I could find a second career with the [...]

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Truck Driving Jobs for Felons – 7 Tips on Finding Felony Jobs As a Truck Driver

Truck driving has become a popular job for felons. This can be a life changing career with long term potential and benefits. Truck driving jobs for felons provide freedom on the open road along with comfort and security as one of the higher paying felon friendly employment. According to a recent study, the U.S. trucking industry is now coming out of the recession and is growing at a rate of 4 to 6 [...]

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On the Road to Success – Big Money Driving Big Rigs

There are numerous valid and understandable reasons for an individual to choose to become an Over The Road truck driver. The greatest motivation is due to the fact that driving a semi truck across country pays very well. Most truck drivers earn an average of $35,000 or more in their first year of driving. It is not difficult to figure out that if a driver makes such a large salary in the first [...]

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