Dangers of Driving With Earphones

Since the invention of cars, drivers have had some sort of device to play music even if it was portable.   Many years ago, when you drove your car,  you only had the radio to listen to.  The radio was proven to be a distraction even then.   As technology progressed in vehicles, drivers had the option of having 8 tracks, cassette and then CD players installed in their cars.   With today's technology, tapes and [...]

Pro’s and Con’s of Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights; a popular subject. The pro's and cons of daytime running lights (DRL's)have been discussed many times. Do a search on Google and over 300000 links turn up. In Canada they have been mandatory since 1989. Many European countries have had legislation in place as far back as 1977. Till today the US of A has no laws in place that make DRL's mandatory, although all American car manufacturers utilize the [...]

Driving Tip – Gap Selection For an Unprotected Left Turn at a Light

Asking questions helps you maintain control. For instance, when you are waiting for a safe gap to turn left, you ask the student "After what vehicle do you think it will be safe to go?" If the answer you get does not leave you a large enough gap, you can correct your student by saying "Let's wait until after that red truck (or wherever you determine the safer gap is) instead". While waiting [...]

DAC Report Nightmares

The DAC Report has become a nightmare for many truckers. The DAC Report is used as a screening tool for potential drivers by the majority of trucking companies. Negative information on this report could prevent drivers from being hired by other companies. It has actually ruined the careers of many drivers. A DAC Report consist of two parts. The first part of the report consists of background information. This includes driving records, criminal [...]

Truckers and Amphetamine Abuse

Many workers are fortunate enough to have the benefit of a regular daily schedule that fits into the normal cycle of waking and sleeping. Long haul truck drivers, however, are required to be much more flexible and adaptive to the demands of clients and a particular load of goods. The physical strain of spending lengthy hours behind the wheel of a massive commercial vehicle can cause a driver to develop extreme fatigue that [...]

Information On Different CDL Endorsements

Before you go through and complete your CDL test and are issued your license, it's important to know as much about the process and know everything that is offered to you first. Getting your CDL opens the doors to the truck driving industry to you, but there are also other doors that get neglected, which could prove to be a career-boosting road that you would have driven past if you didn't know all [...]

The Keys To Choosing A Top Truck Driving School

If you're adamant about choosing a truck driver career, then you're likely also searching for a top-notch truck driving school in order to make the career shift. The trucking industry is an excellent place to make a great profession and even a bundle of cash. Essentially, the role of truck driver training is to instruct and advise students on the best way to get their Commercial Driver License usually called a (CDL). Nevertheless, [...]

The History of Trucks

We see all kinds of trucks, from pickup trucks containing farmers or happy families, to 18-wheelers hauling all kinds of cargo. The largest trucks carry huge payloads along highways, traveling across country to deliver these important items. Were it not for trucks, we could not receive many of the goods and materials we have today. However, we rarely think about how they came to be. Trucks Get Their Start Before mechanical engines were [...]

Blood Sugar Levels: Trucking Through the Confusion

As the trucking industry continues to lure new drivers into the vocation with promises of high pay and an exciting career, the fact remains that with a pitiful average annual salary of just $38,000 and fourteen hour work days, a driver can easily work thousands of hours per year and only average a rate of just over $8.00 per hour. Combine this with the lack of proper sleep and rest, poor choices in [...]

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