ELD Providers Prep for Upcoming HoS Changes – Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

  With revised federal hours of service scheduled to take effect Sept. 29, ELD providers have also been planning how best to assist fleets with the changes. The revisions make four key changes to the existing HOS rules, dealing with the 30-minute break rule, the split sleeper berth options, the adverse driving conditions exception and the short-haul exception. The change that has probably resulted in the most interest is the change in rules requiring a [...]

How the New FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Affects You

Introduction There is the saying that rules are made for people and not people for rules. This is the same reason why a lot of the existent laws are often changed over time to allow for adjustments. New rules are also created in a bid to create a more harmonious environment where businesses can thrive and prosper. The rise of these policies should be seen in good light and understanding what they [...]

Cost of Being An Owner-Operator (COVID-19 Edition)

Being an owner-operator means being your own business owner, and you’re probably asking yourself this April 2020: Should I run during the coronavirus pandemic? How will the COVID-19 outbreak affect my profits? Where can I get trucking loads? Let’s take a closer look at your options. The short answer is – if you’ve considered your health, and you’re not in a high-risk health group with a history of serious medical conditions, then there is money [...]

Dangers of Driving With Earphones

Since the invention of cars, drivers have had some sort of device to play music even if it was portable.   Many years ago, when you drove your car,  you only had the radio to listen to.  The radio was proven to be a distraction even then.   As technology progressed in vehicles, drivers had the option of having 8 tracks, cassette and then CD players installed in their cars.   With today's technology, tapes and [...]

Pro’s and Con’s of Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights; a popular subject. The pro's and cons of daytime running lights (DRL's)have been discussed many times. Do a search on Google and over 300000 links turn up. In Canada they have been mandatory since 1989. Many European countries have had legislation in place as far back as 1977. Till today the US of A has no laws in place that make DRL's mandatory, although all American car manufacturers utilize the [...]

Driving Tip – Gap Selection For an Unprotected Left Turn at a Light

Asking questions helps you maintain control. For instance, when you are waiting for a safe gap to turn left, you ask the student "After what vehicle do you think it will be safe to go?" If the answer you get does not leave you a large enough gap, you can correct your student by saying "Let's wait until after that red truck (or wherever you determine the safer gap is) instead". While waiting [...]

DAC Report Nightmares

The DAC Report has become a nightmare for many truckers. The DAC Report is used as a screening tool for potential drivers by the majority of trucking companies. Negative information on this report could prevent drivers from being hired by other companies. It has actually ruined the careers of many drivers. A DAC Report consist of two parts. The first part of the report consists of background information. This includes driving records, criminal [...]

Truckers and Amphetamine Abuse

Many workers are fortunate enough to have the benefit of a regular daily schedule that fits into the normal cycle of waking and sleeping. Long haul truck drivers, however, are required to be much more flexible and adaptive to the demands of clients and a particular load of goods. The physical strain of spending lengthy hours behind the wheel of a massive commercial vehicle can cause a driver to develop extreme fatigue that [...]

Information On Different CDL Endorsements

Before you go through and complete your CDL test and are issued your license, it's important to know as much about the process and know everything that is offered to you first. Getting your CDL opens the doors to the truck driving industry to you, but there are also other doors that get neglected, which could prove to be a career-boosting road that you would have driven past if you didn't know all [...]

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