Position Objective:
To export the goods to customers in a full pledged manner that will inflate the cooperative’s market share and savings, by improving the cooperative’s efficiency, help to achieve the cooperative’s responsibilities and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.


Truck drivers operate heavy trucks to transport goods and other material products over urban, interurban, provincial area. They can work for products companies, or they may be self-employed. There are also truckers who work on special-purpose trucks, and there are hunters who move trailers to and from loading products within trucking yards.

Position Responsibilities:
The truck driver’s responsibilities involve delivery and pick-up, reporting, operations, Service, safety and maintenance, and other duties as assigned by management.

The truck driver will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the Cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.

Commercial driving license is a specialized guidance program designed to formulate a student to obtain a commercial driver’s license. A CDL job is required to operate a vehicle in National highways. During training, students are taught the necessary awareness and expertise skills to pass a series of tests to obtain their CDL. CDL training normally begins with classroom instruction geared towards tactics for safely operating the vehicle in the roads. The CDL permit is a permit that allows a student truck driver to practice driving skills on public roads with a CDL licensed driver or instructor. A student graduates CDL training once he or she receives a CDL and proves that he or she can comfortably and safely drive and operate a truck.

There are different types of commercial truck driving jobs. Some work may be local delivery of goods from one concern to other concern in the nearby areas. Another is route drivers which typically work in the same path making distributions to retail establishments. Next one is Pick-up and delivery drivers. They carry goods from a transport center to a business center or customer. These drivers usually operate in a particular area consistently. There are truck driving jobs which carry merchandise over state lines. In some cases, they may have to travel in persistent routes, but at sometimes they have to work in different routes all over the country.

CDL training:

In some concerns, trucking company itself provide cdl training for employees are called as company sponsored cdl training or company paid cdl training. The transportation company has a solid demand for commercial drivers. All the states require commercial driving license to operate the trucks. Drivers must need to pass a written test and skills test to obtain a commercial driving license. Several organizations concentrate on both practical and class room session.

Some concerns provide free cdl training but they required to work for a minimum for a year to work in that concern. After finishing free training and that concern makes you the experienced driver.

A place that provides good cdl training is that they have should trucks in proper condition and they should offer job assurance.

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