The DAC Report has become a nightmare for many truckers. The DAC Report is used as a screening tool for potential drivers by the majority of trucking companies. Negative information on this report could prevent drivers from being hired by other companies. It has actually ruined the careers of many drivers.

A DAC Report consist of two parts. The first part of the report consists of background information. This includes driving records, criminal background records, social security number verification, etc. It can also include credit information about the driver.

The second part of this report is your work record as reported by your employers. The employment history part of this report contains information such as your driving record, accident record, period of service, eligibility for rehire, the reason for leaving, etc. This information is compiled from information trucking companies submit about their truckers. The entire employment history record can remain on a DAC Report for ten years.

This employment history record is what causes the most problems for drivers. The reason for this is that companies don’t always report truthful information about a drivers work record. In fact many companies deliberately report false or misleading information as a way of intentionally blackballing drivers from the trucking industy. This retaliation by companies against their drivers is done by reports they submit to HireRight.

HireRight is the name of the company which collects the information trucking companies submit to them on their drivers. The information is compiled on a database and sold as a DAC Report. DAC Reports as well as Consumer Credit Reports are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This ACT gives drivers and consumers certain rights. Among them is the right to receive a free annual DAC Report and the right to dispute any item on the report.

A major difference between a Consumer Credit Report and a DAC Report is that companies submitting information to Credit Bureaus usually believe that they are submitting accurate information. If there is any information on your credit report which is incorrect, you can dispute it. If the company cannot prove that the information if correct, the credit bureaus have to remove the disputed information.

However, trucking companies can submit whatever information they want about their drivers to HireRight without any proof whatsoever. The burden of proof is on the drivers to prove that the information is incorrect. It is often impossible for drivers to do this. When drivers dispute information on a DAC Report, HireRight simply calls the company and ask if the information is correct. If the company says yes, the information has been verified. Therefore, this becomes a case of the drivers word against the company with no way for drivers to prove that the information reported to HireRight is incorrect. That is the reason trucking companies get away with this abuse of drivers. Many drivers have been unable to be hired by other companies as a result of false information submitted about them to HireRight.

Source by Annalee Chambers

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