Trucks Rental and Leasing

Trucks have always been one of the major contributors to the heavy vehicle industry for its use in transporting heavy luggage. The advancement of technology has produced more powerful trucks that can reliably carry lots of stuff in it. These commercial trucks usually run on gasoline or diesel and are mostly required by those who deal in some import and export business. Although, most of the well established companies dealing in import-export business [...]

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Single Axle Vs Tandem Axle: What’s the Difference?

There are plenty of aspects to evaluate when deciding to purchase a single axle or a double axle trailer. First, you need to know is that the number of axles which will determine the number of wheels: a tandem trailer has two sets of wheels. Single axle trailers have fewer tires and brakes to maintain. So now you are questioning whether it is best to have a single or a double trailer and [...]

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Energy Drinks: A Trucker’s Friend Or Foe?

If you stop in at any convenience store or truck stop you will notice that the number of energy drinks in the cooler is definitely on the rise. From perhaps one or two different major brands you now will find 10 or more possible options, some touting all natural ingredients and no caffeine and some boasting high levels of caffeine to help you stay awake, energized and ready to go. While initially some [...]

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The Unique Life of A Truck Driver

Truck drivers are a unique group of people, a group of men and women from all races and religions. The one thing that they have in common is that they spend their days and nights driving the highways of the world. There are drivers that only drive close to their home town, which allows them to be home with their families most nights. The group of drivers that I wish to tell you about [...]

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Semi Trucks and Biodiesel – Nothing New Here

Everything old is new again; or so the saying goes. If you've got tweens or teens running around the house, then their lava lamps and tie-die shirts are probably proving this saying true. And so it goes for biodiesel fuel. Touted for its "green appeal", and soaring onto the front pages of the world's newspapers based upon promises of a cheaper fuel that will also help break America's dependence on foreign oil, the [...]

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Truck Paper – Much More Than Just A Semi Trucks For Sale Newspaper

Jim is a semi-truck driver on his way to Seattle and wants to check out the weather conditions. Instead of his trusted print version of Truck Paper, he goes to truckpaper, and then lands on to the web page of Seattle Met Traffic Flow. Tom is a semi-truck owner who wants to locate semi-truck dealers located in Nebraska. He types in truckpaper into Google search and viola! The names of 40 semi-truck dealers [...]

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DAC Report – Government Subsidies Are Top Downfalls for Truck Drivers

Training standards for new CDL drivers have reached a higher concern for the FMCSA in recent years. Social media has played a major role in highlighting the further needs for safer commercial vehicle driver training. Union or Non-Union, the two major attacks on all truck drivers is the DAC report and the government policies that deliberately oversupply drivers into the industry. Government subsidies and grants provided to training motor carriers are actually driving [...]

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Truck Drivers Health And High Blood Pressure Concerns

High Blood Pressure is a major factor which affects truck drivers health. It can cost them their jobs or prevent them from being hired as truck drivers. It affects the heart, blood vessels, brain, kidneys and eyes. It can cause a heart attack, congestive heart failure or kidney failure. It can prevent a commercial truck driver from obtaining the required medical certification. Drivers must have a Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Exam and [...]

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Pro and Cons of a Retread

A retread is a formerly worn tyre which has gone through a remanufacturing procedure specificly intended to prolong the life of a tyre. When a tyre goes through this process it first goes through a safety test. The remaining tread on the the tyre is buffed away and a new tread made of rubber is put on to the casing using specialist machinery through the use of heat, time and pressure. One reason [...]

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Truckers and Amphetamine Abuse

Many workers are fortunate enough to have the benefit of a regular daily schedule that fits into the normal cycle of waking and sleeping. Long haul truck drivers, however, are required to be much more flexible and adaptive to the demands of clients and a particular load of goods. The physical strain of spending lengthy hours behind the wheel of a massive commercial vehicle can cause a driver to develop extreme fatigue that [...]

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