What does all this Auto Industry Technology have to do with the Trucking Industry, ask many trucking professionals in the industry associations? Well, the Truck Convoys or AI (artificial intelligent) Assisted Modern Truck Systems are all systems which were born from advances in auto technology. Consider if you will the tremendous support that the auto-industry gave the contestants in the DARPA Challenge, as they competed for the title of creating the first autonomous vehicle?

What does all this mean for the future of the trucking industry? Well, it means that trucks can drive together in long-lines without worrying about running into each other saving huge amounts of fuel and alleviating traffic congestion too. It also means we will soon see ESC (electronic stability control) on over the road trucks too. If something does happens during a convoy, no worries because the trucks involved will not be jack-knifed upside down on the side of the road or part of a new decal on the truck in front of them that they just rear-ended.

It is actually amazing to follow the technology from the auto-industry into the truck industry. The truck industry often lags by 5 or more years. When predicting the future of technology in the Trucking Industry it is very important to realize where most of it comes from and that of course would be the many research and development projects occurring in the auto industry. Today’s auto industry innovation exploits will be forever passed on to other parts of the transportation sector and trucking stands to benefit the most in efficiency and safety.

Source by Lance Winslow

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