Truck driving technology is evolving just like all other fields. Some are favorites of the drivers, some are not, and we were curious which ones they liked to have with them in the cab of their truck. We asked several truck drivers at a truck stop to see what their top 4 favorite gadgets were. Here is a list of the top 4 trucking gadgets.

GPS – This is so popular, that many trucking companies have added it to their company trucks. It’s the most popular must have. It is much easier to use than a road map and most drivers won’t go back to reading the old fashioned way. Also, since truckers are out on the road, having a device like this can be a backup to a paper road map.

Cell Phones – have changed trucking jobs for good. No more pulling over for a pay phone to call their dispatcher for information. And truckers can have contact with their families and friends more often. Younger drivers don’t remember the days without cell phones. They have no idea what it was like. (Lucky them.)

Laptop Computers -Drivers say this is almost a necessity these days. For many drivers the computer is a truckers line to information. 64% of those asked, felt that the laptop is one of the top 5 technologies needed for trucking. We feel that as each year goes by, the percentage of cabs with laptops will keep going up. Life on the road without a laptop is hard to imagine for most people. It is a huge segment of our communication to business, family, and friends.

Satellite Radio – According to the drivers this gadget has been a great lifesaver for radio listeners in “dead radio spots” along the highway. Not only do you have radio where radio was not, but a driver now gets their favorite station wherever they are in the country. It is very rare that Satellite Radio loses signal and better yet, there are stations that are specific to the trucking industry.

Source by Dave Ferrara

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