Thinking of being a truck driver and you are planning on going to truck driving school? Here you will learn the 2 simple steps to a perfect lane change. Learning this CDL requirement is vital to your success as a trucker.

So you want to know how to be a professional truck driver and make a professional lane change. Let me help you and give you a few good tips because remember it is just you and the truck. You are out there making the decisions and calling the shots.

CDL Requirements For Professional Lane Changing

We all know what it means to change lanes. You are merging from one side of the road to the other. But now you are a trucker and that makes all the difference. Having your CDL license and operating a big truck is all the difference between you and the regular cars out there on the road.

When going through your CDL training at a truck driving school they will teach you all the basics: remember to always check your mirrors and watch your blind spots. I’m going to give these 2 simple tips that they just may fail to say.

1. First step is before changing lanes in a truck plan ahead. You do this by knowing whats around you. You are using your mirrors and checking blind spots. If there was a car right behind you and he is not there take a second look at your blind spot because he just might be sitting there next to you.

2. Second step to changing lanes in the Before – During – and After routine. Plan your move before you change into a lane this is the, “Before”. As you are moving into it be aware of the space you are taking, this is the, “During.” And, “After” you are in that lane take a look who is coming in and out of traffic around you. I say after because once you are in that lane, there just may be someone who needs that lane, and you need to get out of their way.

A Tip About Trucking

Before changing a lane take another look to make sure the car that has passed doesn’t have a trailer hooked-up to the back of it. There were a few times when I saw that the car was cleared for me to move over so I did a double check and saw that they had a trailer tagging along.

So watch your mirrors and plan your lane changes, also don’t forget to look for that trailer. Remember your blind spots and who’s around you because these CDL requirements are the key to your success.

Source by David VonAnderseck

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